7 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a VA has a lot of upsides. Yes it costs money, but we’re way more cost-effective than employing staff and it’s highly likely that we’re more experienced than anyone you’d employ for a similar cost. Whether you’ve considered hiring a VA before or not, I think you’ll find this information useful to help in your decision making process. Here are my top 7 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant… enjoy!

1. A Virtual Assistant will save you time

How many hours per week are you spending on business tasks that aren’t directly earning you money? At least a few each work I’d bet. Wouldn’t your time be better spent working on growing you business income instead of getting bogged down in the admin? Of course it would. Depending on the level of admin you’re doing already, hiring a VA can easily save you several hours per week.

2. Hiring a VA means you only pay for work completed

You only pay when you use a VA’s time. There’s no fixed salary for us and so if you only need a few hours per week then that’s all you’ll pay for. How difficult do you think it is to find a staff member that only wants to work a few hours per week? If you don’t have any work for us then you save money… this isn’t the case with employed staff!

3. You don’t have to pay benefits, tax or NI on our behalf

As self-employed business owners we cover our own personal tax and national insurance contributions. We also aren’t going to be tapping you up for pension contributions, holiday or sick pay! When you take these costs into consideration it makes using a VA all the more attractive right?!

4. You get highly experienced help at a fraction of the cost

This might not always be the case but bear with me. I’m an experienced Senior Manager, I’ve worked for organisations that turnover £500m-£3bn per year and in doing so I’ve learnt a few things. The kind of roles I’d be in if I hadn’t become a VA would be paying me upwards of £50k per year, but for just £30 per hour you can tap into my expertise and I think that’s pretty cool for small businesses!

5. We’re a Swiss-army knife of expertise

Some virtual assistants, myself included, have a varied background in employment. We can offer a range of services that you’d struggle to find in a single employee at a reasonable cost. My background is in finance but in my 18 year career I’ve learnt lean process improvement, accounting, project management, payment processing, strategic planning, budgeting, web design, search engine optimisation and I’m something of an Excel wizard too. You can make use of any of those skills at any time and I think you’d be hard-pressed to hire someone to do the same.

6. You don’t need to have office space for them to work in

It goes without saying that having office space can be expensive with even a 2-person space costing anything from £400 per month upwards. Factor in the cost of business rates (where applicable), computer equipment & telephones and the cost starts to mount up considerably.

Well guess what? A virtual assistant is responsible for their own space. They work remotely, usually at a home office and so it’s our problem, not yours! No health & safety concerns or worrying about them working alone when you’re not in the office.

7. You get to focus on the things you enjoy and make you money!

We’re hear to take on the things you don’t enjoy or have the time for. Spend more time on your craft or the tasks you really do enjoy doing between projects. Inbox a mess? I can sort it and respond to customers on your behalf. Sick of doing your bookkeeping? Send me your receipts and I’ll record it all for you. I can call process your payroll and invoices, including chasing those pesky late payers!

So there you have it, my top 7 benefits or hiring a virtual assistant. Interested in hiring me or want to find out more? Get in touch or check out my full list of services.

Thanks for reading.

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