Case Study: CFP Lottery & Raffles

My most exciting project to date, George Collins at CFP Lottery & Raffles Ltd commissioned me to complete a brand refresh for the company. The brief included a new website, logo and change of tone of voice for all web copy. We also put together a 3-month content plan to include written copy and video content that will really set CFP apart from the rest of the field.

Company Background

CFP turned 40 years old this year and have been providing services to the charity sector exclusively since their inception. Now specialising in Raffle, Lottery, Response Handling and Marketing Strategy, they’ve a long history of delivering exceptional services in the sector for a long time.

In 2019 CFP wanted to have a little shake-up of image. Bringing their (very) dated website and logo into the 21st century was key to the new image, as was the tone of voice changes we made.

Here’s what the site looked like when we started…

Original CFP Website

The Process

It started with a full-day session on-site to discuss the aims of the project. We went into detail on ideal customer avatars, desired tone of voice, and analysed a number of competitor & non-competitor websites for inspiration.

I spent time discussing options for content creation and SEO which explored video content, a potential podcast and plenty of written copy!

A discovery workshop wouldn’t be complete without post-it notes and we used plenty to map out the “X-factor” elements of the new website. Going over the potential logic steps was hard work after lunch that’s for sure!

Key outputs included a clean and modern website with an “agency” feel to it; the logo should represent the core service elements of the CFP business model; and something with a wow-factor to it… a switching service that mirrored that of a utility company.

The copy discussion was very interesting and we decided to go with clear and bold copy. The decision to change the website to from fell into our “agency feel” goal and formed the basis to the rest of the site’s tone of voice.

Phase 1

The following weeks involved me creating 3 mock-ups for the website design and then running through them with the team at CFP. This was exciting and nerve-racking as I’m usually dealing with one-man bands and so a single decision maker – thankfully feedback was good and the elements from the 3 mock-ups were decided on and we moved on to phase 2.

Phase 2

The next phase involved creating a more well-rounded demo site to demonstrate how all the elements would work together in a live environment. We drafted some copy to get as close to a “real” site as possible and then went through another round of feedback.

I started to build out the launch & switch journeys to get the logic working… not without difficulty. 🙂

Phase 3

With all elements signed off the final build was fairly straightforward for the website itself. It was simply a case of pulling together the agreed parts to build out the site, replacing placeholder text with final copy along the way.

The time-consuming part at this stage was the switch journey and took lots of back and forth to get everything just right. We actually decided to launch the website without both the launch and switch so we could stagger any announcements and generate more interest along the way.

I also added live chat and chatbot functionality to better qualify leads for CFP. This allows some simple interactions with the website users to determine how best they can help them. It’s really powerful!

The Result

A very happy client. 🙂

You can view the site in all it’s glory here: – do test out the journeys we created, they’re pretty cool!

Here’s what the homepage looks like now…

CFP New Website


You’ll notice a nice clean layout, much improved logo and some clear copy outlining exactly who CFP are and what they offer.

As you go through each page of the site you’ll notice subtle changes to the branding. Creating separate sub-brand logos and colours wasn’t something initially briefed, but once mocked up, went down really well and made the final cut.

New logo:

CFP New Logo

It’s my biggest and proudest project to date.

If your company needs a content strategy, consultancy on tone of voice or a full rebrand then get in touch.

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