Why Does My WordPress Site Keep Going Down?

If your WordPress site keeps going down, you might feel worried about the possible causes. Is it a traffic issue or something more sinister? 

Arguably, there’s good reason to feel concerned. On top of financial costs, downtime can also lead to a drop in SEO ratings and, ultimately, a poor customer experience. 

So, what could be causing the issue? There are several potential causes to consider…

Traffic surge

Whilst an increase in visitors to your website can be exciting, surges in traffic can have their downsides. In some cases, your website server may not be able to cope. 

Aside from events like Black Friday, it’s difficult to predict when these traffic surges will occur. Review your reports to see if you can spot any patterns.

WordPress theme or plugin errors

Despite the great features they offer, plugins and themes are produced by third parties, so they can often be unreliable. Several associated issues could explain why your WordPress site keeps going down.

  • Abandoned plugins – If developers stop updating plugins and themes, they won’t be protected from some security issues. This can also lead to compatibility errors.
  • Conflicting plugins – Themes and plugins can also conflict with one another, potentially leading to errors.

Vet the plugins you download carefully, and ensure you install any updates for plugins or themes regularly. 

Hosting issues

If a WordPress site keeps going down, in some specific cases, it can be a problem with WordPress itself.

  • Errors – An error with WordPress could lead to websites going offline.
  • Security issue – In an extreme case, WordPress could shut down its servers to defend against a security breach.

If your website crashes frequently, then it’s less likely to be caused by hosting issues. 

Domain issues

Domain names provide a clear identity for your brand, but they need to be carefully maintained. There are two domain issues that could lead to your website going down.

Expired domain

If your WordPress site keeps going down, your domain name may have expired. Log in to your account and check that your domain is still active, and your payment information is up to date. Finally, make sure you’ve enabled auto-renew to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Domain hijacking

In more serious incidents, your domain may have been hijacked. This occurs when hackers gain control of your domain, usually through poorly protected usernames and passwords. They can then use it for nefarious purposes, such as phishing campaigns. 

If you suspect your domain has been hijacked, first contact your domain provider. If you are still encountering issues, you can then contact the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for support in recovering your domain.

Plugin deletion

If you’re still wondering, “why does my WordPress site keep going down?”, you may have deleted a plugin that is important to the functionality of your website. Whenever you update your WordPress website, always ensure you’ve backed up your website data first. That way, you can quickly restore to your previous set-up. 

Get your WordPress site back up and running

When your WordPress site keeps going down, it can be incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, without real expertise, trying to resolve the problem yourself can often make things worse. 

If your website is still down and you feel unsure about how to fix it, get in touch with The Male VA. With vast experience building WordPress sites, I have the expertise to resolve your site’s issues and provide WordPress support where you need it.

Give me a call today on 07964 674 649 or email mark@themaleva.co.uk to discuss your WordPress site.

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